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Harb Carvers™ are the best, most technique-specific dryland training device for alpine skiers. If you really want to make strides in your ski technique, click here to learn more about Harb Carvers™.

We know that there are many skiers out there who don't have Harb Carvers™, and we still want to help you! Inline skating is a readily-accessible dryland activity that will help your skiing. If you're not yet ready to commit to Harb Carvers, or if you want to get better on inlines as a good prelude to learning and using Harb Carvers, then go ahead with this instructional series. Just as on skis, if you tip inline skates, they turn. They are effective for practicing PMTS Direct Parallel® movements - tip a skate toward its little-toe edge to turn in that direction.

Remember that inline skates don't really skid. Avoid the twisting, steering, and heel pushing maneuvers you may have learned in traditional ski instruction. They will only get you in trouble!!

This series of activities will help you practice Direct Parallel® movements on your skates. It's not designed to teach you how to inline skate! Before you attempt any of these activities, you should be able to skate up a small hill, and stop while skating down a small incline. Always wear all your protective gear for inline skating: helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. Jeans or heavy shorts are a good idea, just in case.

Pick your ability level below, then click on an activity to see the details.


 Novice inline skaters. Can skate forward and stop. Ready to learn how to turn.

A1. Skate with long glide

A2. Straight run, alternate lifting

A3. Single turn, tipping inside foot

A4. Single Turn, stepping

Intermediate inline skaters. Can perform novice activities (above) and can stop on a gentle hill. Ready to link turns on a gentle hill.

B1. Linked turns, tipping inside foot

B2. Linked turns, lifted phantom move

B3. Crouch/tall straight run

B4. Slalom course

Advanced inline skaters. Can perform novice and intermediate activities and can stop on a gentle hill. Ready to spend more time on the "inside" foot.

C1. Single turn, inside foot

C2. Linked turns on inside foot

C3. Linked turns on single foot

C4. Linked turns with flexion at transition

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