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Activity: Linked Turns with Flexion at Transition
What you practice: Flexing the legs at release
  • Gentle hill; mark a straight line to indicate the transition
  • Skate to a comfortable speed; glide straight downhill on both feet
  • Tip inside foot to make each turn (left foot to turn left, right foot to turn right)
  • Make the transition between turns on the line
  • As you approach the line, start to bend (shorten) the legs
  • Keep bending the legs through the bottom of the turn, so the legs are shortest as your feet cross the line
  • After crossing the line and starting to tip with the new inside foot, slowly and gently lengthen the legs
  • The legs should be fully extended when your feet are in the fall line (the middle of the new turn)
  • With weight on both feet, this practices powder turns
  • With the inside foot very light or lifted, this practices short turns in bumps or on ice
  • Keep the torso fairly upright; make sure you bend the legs

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