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How to Put on Ski Boots - For Juniors

We have a new, quick video showing how to put on ski boots. This is intended for juniors (U10's and younger), who are just learning to put on their own boots without an adult's help. With the right technique for putting on boots, you can choose a snugger boot (good for performance) and still have enough toe room to be warm and comfy.      - Read More

Two new videos: What is cuff adjustment and how do we do it

Our alignment process includes many components - custom footbeds, boot fitting, cuff alignment, and underboot alignment. When all aspects are at their best, your skiing will be easier, require less effort, and be more comfortable. We have made two new videos to help you understand cuff adjustment... 1. What is Adjusting Ski Boot Cuffs? 2. How to Adjust Ski Boot Cuffs  - Read More

Tipped vs. Tipping

[Originally posted approximately November 2013 on our old web site] Over the last 2 weeks I've worked with a variety of skiers, from junior racers to race parents to PMTS regulars. I've been reminded about the differences between "tipping" and "tipped"... Tipping: an ongoing movement of the feet and ankles throughout the arc of the turn; raising the arch of the inside foot more and more throughout the arc of the turn.vs.Tipped: tipping the feet at the beginning of the turn; riding the edges through the rest of the turn without actively tipping the feet any further. It can be hard to..  - Read More

The Pelvis in Counterbalancing

In the original "Quick Improvement Series" posted on the PMTS forum, I discussed the similarities and differences between a very good PMTS skier and myself... The two upper images are very similar and they are at almost the same place in the turn arc. The turn setup for both skiers is essentially the same.The differences appear in the two lower images. Harald (in red & white) has dropped his hips lower into the turn and has achieved higher edge angles. As well, Harald has achieved greater vertical separation of the feet due to increased flexion of the inside leg.How can..  - Read More

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