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Welcome to the PMTS Online Ski Lesson!

Read, answer a few questions, and you'll find a video lesson tailored for you. Watch it online, download it and save it on a smartphone or tablet to take to the slopes, and you can improve your technique the next time you go skiing. All the instructions are presented as titles, so it's easier if you need to translate them. Enjoy!


Here are the instructions for the PMTS Online Ski Lesson...

Safety Precautions:

Please observe the following precautions before and when you try your lesson on snow...

Harb Ski Systems recommends that you have your boots and bindings inspected and tested once a year by a reputable shop to ensure that they function correctly.

At all times, follow the Skier Safety Code.

Try your lesson on easy terrain that's very comfortable; probably easier than where you normally ski. Start at a slow speed.

If you're having difficulty with the lessons, be careful! Reread it, try it again on easier terrain, and if you're still having trouble, contact us.

You'll be asked several questions which describe your current skiing and desire for change. Answering each question will guide you to a lesson that fits your needs. Try the lesson the next time you go skiing.

Each question has several answers, and each answer will take you to a new page. Please read all the options carefully, then select the one which is most descriptive of your current skiing.

I have read the instructions and safety precautions. I'm ready to
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If you don't find what you need here, please check out all of our instructional videos on YouTube...

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