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What is Skier Alignment?

The human body is an amazing organism. But for many it falls short for the sport of skiing. What does that mean? Here’s a short explanation: The most important movement in skiing is the one that puts the skis on edge or at an angle to the snow. This movement is controlled by a chain that starts at the bottom with your feet and ankles, and runs up the legs affecting everything up to the hips.

Since your feet and ankles are totally wrapped by the ski boots, they are the most important part of your equipment. Ski boots are not ready to ski out of the box. Although we may all think we have equally functional feet and legs for skiing, this isn’t the case. Everyone has different foot and leg structure. Ski boots couldn’t possibly be ideal for all of us. There are some compromises and assumptions in boot design and for many skiers these have a dramatic effect on their skiing performance, ability to improve, and enjoyment of the sport.

At the Harb Ski Shop, we understand these interactions between skiers' feet and legs and ski boots. We have studied and evolved a proven procedure for setting up ski boots for optimal skier performance. We are the leader in ski boot fitting, balancing and alignment.

The job of a footbed is to balance your feet through and along the center, to allow equally achievable tipping movements from side to side. It should be comfortable and supportive yet not restrictive of functional movement.

Ski boots have the biggest impact on your skiing experience, and each ski boot is different. Selecting and modifying a ski boot perfectly for you and your skiing is our most important service. The brand name of a ski boot is less important than its physical characteristics and the results it produces for your skiing. We have a wide selection of boots to take care of all foot variations and skiing requirements.

Boot Fitting
Boot fitting can affect comfort and performance. A too-tight fit will restrict mobility; pressure points or pain will make it hard to use your feet to ski. Too much room in a boot and you won't have the support to tip and hold your skis on edge. We can make more room in your boots by grinding and heating and stretching them. We can fill excess room with firm padding or (better yet) with a custom liner.

Alignment and balancing
Ski boot alignment needs are different for every skier. This is why an exacting standard of measurements is important – we need to know how your feet and legs are built and how they work in order to choose and customize a boot to you. When we combine these measurements with an analysis of a skier's movements and technique, we can provide optimal skier balance and control of lateral movements.

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