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With a slantboard you can practice a lot of skiing movements in the warmth and comfort of your home. If you can watch a full-size mirror while you practice, you'll learn more quickly and be able to identify performance difficulties or asymmetries. Practice exercises are below.
Start by making your own slantboard. The drawing below shows how to make an adjustable angle board, so that you can start at a gentle angle and progress to a steeper angle. It is based on US-standard lumber sizes. You can vary the dimensions somewhat according to the supplies you have on hand. The model here provides two angles: approximately 10 degrees and 15 degrees.
However you design and make your board, ensure that it is sturdy and stable. Cover the top with a low-pile, dense carpet (indoor/outdoor carpet works well). Enlist a "DIY" friend if you need help making it. (Click here to view a larger image.)


Practice Exercises... Scroll down - there are 13 videos!

Segment 01 Introduction


Segment 02 Balance on All Four Edges

Segment 03 Tipping on Edge


Segment 04 Changing Edges


Segment 05 Flexing while Tipping


Segment 06 Flexing to Release


Segment 07 Counterbalancing


Segment 08 Counteracting


Segment 09 Counteracting with Hands on Hips


Segment 10 Putting it Together for Engaging


Segment 11 Putting it Together for Edge Change


Segment 12 Pole Plant


Segment 13 Walking the S-Line


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