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Here's a series of videos that will teach you how to use your Harb Carvers. Even if you have not used inline skates or ice skates, these videos will help you succeed by starting with the fundamentals and progressing gradually through technique and terrain. Feel free to download them and load them onto a tablet or smartphone so that you can bring them with you when you practice.
Lesson 1: Stopping & Going
This first segment shows you how to skate, how to stop, and some other basic movements.


Lesson 2: Tipping while Rolling
This second segment shows you how to practice the fundamental movement of tipping your feet while rolling.


Lesson 3: Step Turns
This third segment is the introduction to turning. Combine stepping and tipping that you learned in the earlier segments to create your first direction changes.


Lesson 4: Introduction to a Hill
The fourth segment first helps you learn how to tighten and quicken your turns on the flats, then shows you how to approach a hill so that you maintain control.


Lesson 5: Linked Turns on a Hill
The fifth segment shows you how to approach the hill so that you learn to link turns while maintaining speed control.


Lesson 6: Rolling the Feet
The sixth segment takes you from the stepping turns that have been used so far to rolling the feet and ankles to link turns.


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