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Finding a substitute for skiing that is inexpensive, close to the feel and movement of skiing, and that can be done without snow has been a dream of many coaches and skiers. An idea for just such a device came to me several years ago while out at dinner with my long-time friend Hermann Gollner and my partner Diana.

We had been training with inline skates that day and while discussing the experience, agreed that inline skates didn't produce the skiing feel, stability or resistance to tipping needed to develop skiing skills. We didn't get the sensations of carving and turning that shaped skis provide.

After further discussion, we came up with the obvious: inline skates couldn't possibly have the performance properties of skis because the single row of inline wheels tipped off their centers without effort. In fact, the rider had to work harder to keep them upright than to roll them "on edge".

Our impression of the "Harb Carvers" is that they mimic the feel of skiing and carving better than anything available. We would not have continued with this project unless we felt we had a very exciting and beneficial skiing simulation tool. Every skier who has tried the "Harb Carvers" is absolutely sold on it as a way to work on skiing technique. Each skier who has tried the "Harb Carver" can't wait to get his or her own pair. This tool for training and learning is fun as well as beneficial because of how well it reproduces the actions, sensations, and forces of skiing.


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