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Performance Free Skiing eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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Performance Free Skiing presents an hour of free skiing in a variety of turns and conditions. The free skiing that it demonstrates is the sum, the culmination, of all of our technique. Take all the parts that you have learned – the Essentials; releases; No-Swing pole plant; and more – and learn how to structure your practice so that you become a consistent and controlled skier on any terrain, in any conditions.
Any skier, from aspiring novice to expert, will have footage of inspiring and attainable turns. Mimic the turns and rhythm; see if you can identify the different essentials in the turns; learn how to focus on your free runs to improve your skiing and integrate the exercises you are practicing. Engaging footage and music hold your interest as you watch it over and over.
Same content as the DVD version, but in a downloadable format.

Presenter: Harald Harb, 60 minutes, 502 MB, Standard Definition, Copyright 2010

*Developing a High-C turn
*Flexing the legs to make faster edge changes
*Free foot management
*No-Swing pole plant
*Powder, moguls, and steeps

Every time you ski, you practice. Make sure that what and how you practice builds on your PMTS fundamentals and develops your consistency in all terrain...
*Build your High-C for speed control
*Build short-radius turns for all conditions
*Improve all the time that you ski, not just when you practice exercises

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already...
*Link turns on intermediate terrain
*Have your skis parallel for most of your turns
*Have read Harald Harb's Essentials of Skiing
*Have watched and practiced the activities in all three Essentials eVideos

Related books & videos
*Harald Harb's Essentials of Skiing (book) helps you understand the Essentials – the component movements of effective skiing – where each Essential fits into linked turns, and how the Essentials work together for optimal skiing.
*Essentials 1 Tipping (eVideo) teaches you how to use your feet to roll your skis on and off edge, which is the foundation for all of the Essentials
*Essentials 2 Complete Upper Body (eVideo) teaches you what to do with your torso to support and increase the tipping activities of your feet
*Essentials 3 Flexing and Fore/Aft Balance (eVideo) teaches you how to flex the legs to make your tipping easier, both in and between turns, and teaches you how to move your feet and legs in order to keep your balance more forward on your skis.
*NoSwing Pole Plant 1 and 2 (eVideos) teach you how to perform the pole plant that Harald emphasizes in this video.
*Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 2 (book and eVideo) introduce releasing, free foot management, and many other aspects of technique that Harald builds upon in this video.

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Single 502 MB ALL including Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 3G & newer -AND- Android devices H.264 mp4; 720 x 480 progressive, 29.97 fps; Target 1.0 Mbps


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