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Expert Skier 2 eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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Use PMTS movements to learn the bulletproof short turn and apply it to ungroomed slopes. The Expert Skier 2 video follows the book closely, working on the PMTS technique you need to be a solid skier on ungroomed terrain. It shows you how to build that technique and how to apply it to bumps, powder, and steeps. As well, you'll learn how to really carve - not just edge better, but really lay it over and leave grooves in the snow!

Same content as the DVD version, but in a downloadable format.

~45 minutes, Standard Definition, Copyright 2001

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Format File Size Suitable devices Specs
Large 747 MB Most TVs and computer monitors
Fast internet
H.264 mp4; 640x480 progressive, 29.97 fps; Target 2 Mbps
Small 319 MB Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 3G & newer -AND- Android devices H.264 mp4; 640 x 480 progressive, 29.97 fps; Target 0.75 Mbps


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