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Expert Skier 2 Paperback Book

by HarbDev15
Price $ 19.95

The follow-up to Expert Skier 1, this is your solution to skiing beyond the groomed runs. Using PMTS Direct Parallel®, you'll learn how to handle powder and bumps, and how to carve deep trenches.
Best for skiers already comfortable on intermediate terrain.

Harald R. Harb
ISBN-13 978-0-9661282-7-7
2nd Edition © 2013, Original © 2001
198 pp, 8"x9"
b&w photos (many)

The Expert Skier 2 book and video pick up where the first left off. The Expert Skier 2 book and video work on the PMTS technique you need to be a solid skier on ungroomed terrain, and then show you how to apply that technique in bumps, powder, and steeps. As well, the book helps you learn how to really carve - not just edge better, but really lay it over and leave grooves in the snow!

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