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Eliminate the Wedge 1 Engage eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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In this first video of the three-part series, you will learn to engage - to finish each turn in balance, with your edges gripping, and your skis parallel.
All the Eliminate the Wedge eVideos are dual purpose, suitable for novices as well as more experienced skiers. If you are a novice skier who skis in a snowplow, this step-by-step video will show you how to finish each turn with your skis parallel. If you are a more experienced skier who is just learning PMTS Direct Parallel, this video will show you the easiest way to integrate the movements of our technique into your skiing.

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"...I recently purchased eliminating the wedge videos 1,2,3 as well as your video on everyone can become an expert skier 1.
Well! Let me say that you have totally transformed my skiing!!!
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Presenter: Diana Rogers, 12 minutes, 511 MB, Hi-Def, Copyright 2014

*How to flex (bend) the inside leg to transfer balance onto the outside leg
*How to tip the uphill/inside foot toward its little-toe edge to make the skis curve
*Combine flexing and tipping to bring the skis from a snowplow to parallel
*Link turns using the new movements of flexing and tipping to finish each turn with a strong engagement

Solid engagement of the edges through the end of the turn gives you...
*Speed control
*Solid balance
*Edge grip
*Readiness to start the next turn
*Helps you practice flexing and tipping through the finish of each turn, in preparation for using those same movements to start each turn

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already (at a minimum)...
*Link turns on very easy terrain
*Be able to stop

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*Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1 (book). If you like to read about technique or want to know more about the background of PMTS Direct Parallel, the Expert Skier 1 book explains what we teach and provides a written path to follow as you learn PMTS technique.
*Eliminate the Wedge 2 Release (eVideo) takes the movements you learn in this first video and shows you how to use them to start turns with your skis parallel. Be able to start turns with ease, where and when you want.
*Eliminate the Wedge 3 Super Phantom (eVideo). Learning to transfer balance onto the little-toe edge of the new stance ski is a key to keeping your skis parallel in quicker turns or more difficult conditions. Using the movements you learn and practice in videos 1 & 2, you'll practice the transfer of balance that is the springboard to short turns, moguls, and ungroomed conditions.

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