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Customer feedback for "Eliminate the Wedge" eVideos

Happy holidays to all our site visitors!

We recently received wonderful feedback for our "Eliminate the Wedge" eVideos. It's exactly what we are hoping to achieve with the eVideos... to make our information available to skiers around the world so that they can improve their technique and have a better time on the slopes.

"My name is J.T. I recently purchased eliminating the wedge videos 1,2,3 as well as your video on everyone can become an expert skier 1.

Well! Let me say that you have totally transformed my skiing!!! Two weeks ago I had trouble getting down a crud blue run because I was always in the back seat and pushing out my uphill ski to try and make a turn thus creating a wedge. Total garbage! At the end of the run, my thighs were on fire!

I watched your videos for two weeks while it rained here in Montreal. Damn rain! Yesterday I got out on the slopes and tried to implement the concepts in eliminating the wedge 1,2 and 3. It took about 2 hrs before it started to click! Near the end of the day (about 3 hrs), I was skiing down the blue run using the super phantom move with ease. It was like the bumps were not even there. I could not believe it! Even a few instructors were checking me out :) And guess what! No more thigh burn. I could have skied for another 2 hrs.

Everytime I would see the instructors skiing down the hill, I was amazed at how smooth their movements were even when there were bumps. Now I find myself doing the same thing. And only after two weeks!

You have found gold with the super phantom move.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you! Let me say that again! Thank you!

I will continue with your drills."

 J.T., we are so happy that you could make tangible progress by working with our eVideos! I hope that your experience will inspire other skiers to buy and learn with our eVideos.


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