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Brushed Turns eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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Learning to choose the edge angle of the stance ski will give you complete control over your speed in any size turn. You can choose a higher edge angle in order to carve; you can choose a flatter stance ski in order to "brush off" some speed throughout the arc of the turn. Once you learn the edge control, the balance on the stance ski, and the dominance of free foot tipping from this video, you'll have much better control of your speed in a variety of conditions and turns.

Presenter: Diana Rogers, 22 minutes, 941 MB, High Defintion, Copyright 2014

*Learn to choose and regulate the edge angle of the stance ski
*Learn how to balance over the stance ski at flatter edge angles
*Strengthen the tipping of the free foot as the dominant turning impetus

Learning to regulate the edge angle of the stance foot lets you choose the behavior of your skis - carving when you want to carry speed, brushing when you want more speed control.

Balancing over the stance ski at various edge angles trains you to sense your balance, and avoids the loss of speed control when you inadvertently lean uphill.

Controlling the edge angle of the stance ski results in better success in ungroomed conditions...
*Better speed control in moguls
*Avoid crossing your tips in powder
*Have a gentle engagement on slab and windblown snow

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already...
*Link turns on intermediate terrain
*Have your skis parallel for most of your turns
*Have watched and practiced the Tipping, Flexing, Counterbalancing, and Counteracting portions of the Essentials Indoor Introduction eVideo
*Know how to lift one ski tail and tip that foot toward its little-toe edge (in the eVideo Eliminate the Wedge 1 Engage)
*Have practiced releasing with a sideslip (in the eVideo Eliminate the Wedge 2 Release)

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*Eliminate the Wedge 1 Engage (eVideo). This is a step-by-step approach to learning the "lift and tilt" of the free ski that we use in this eVideo to finish turns
*Eliminate the Wedge 2 Release (eVideo). This is a step-by-step approach to learning the "flex and flatten" release that is the basis for learning edge control in this eVideo
*Essentials Indoor Introduction (eVideo) presents the Essentials – the component movements of effective skiing – at their simplest, and helps you learn and practice them. Practicing these movements indoors, in front of a mirror or camera, gives you instant feedback for quicker progress once you start to practice on snow.
*Short, Quick Turns (eVideo). With the edge control and balance you practice in the Brushed Turns video, you'll have better success at making short turns, controlling your speed, and being able to make tight turns in a very narrow corridor. As well, you'll have better success starting the turns parallel and avoiding the accidental snowplow caused by rushing onto the big-toe edge of the stance ski.
*Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 2 (book and eVideo). Go further along the path of PMTS Direct Parallel. Take advantage of your newly-practiced edge control and balance as you attempt ungroomed conditions.

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