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Instructor Manual Paperback Book

by Harb Ski Systems
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Note: Now available as a PDF for download!

The Primary Movements Teaching System™ Instructor Manual is aimed at the ski instructor or a PMTS enthusiast. Though it shares a lot of content with Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1, it also includes information that is specific to teaching PMTS Direct Parallel® to first-time skiers, and to novices and intermediates who learned traditional technique.

Authors: Harald R. Harb, Diana Rogers, Robert A. Hintermeister, Kim Peterson
ISBN 0-9661282-3-0
© 1998
178pp, 8.5" x 11"
b&w photos & illustrations (many!)

*Step-by-step presentation of the Primary Movements Teaching System™
*How to apply the Primary Movements Teaching System™ to the first-time skier: a direct-parallel introduction to skiing!
*Learn the Phantom Move - lightening the inside ski and tipping it toward its little-toe edge - in order to link and create turns
*Learn the actions that link turns - Release, Transfer, and Engagement
*Apply the system up through short-radius turns and ungroomed conditions
*Discussions of the biomechanics of skiing
*Comparisons of traditional teaching systems and the Primary Movements Teaching System™
*"Teaching Workshops" to help the instructor improve communication skills

*To show all skiers the same simple, effective movements that can be used in all conditions to ski with confidence and control.
*To help instructors become successful at teaching PMTS Direct Parallel® technique
*Create understanding of the differences between PMTS Direct Parallel® and traditional ski technique
*Improve the quality of ski instruction

If you plan to teach yourself, in order to get the most benefit from this book, you should already (at a minimum)...
*Link turns on very easy terrain
*Be able to stop

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