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Tighten the Radius of Your Turns eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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Tightening the radius of ski turns is important in many ways... It's the key to speed control in all conditions. It enables you to ski in a narrow corridor. It's how to make short-radius turns with control, even on steeper pitches. Tightening the radius of turns requires shortening the inside leg and increasing the tipping of the inside foot through the finish of the turn. Many skiers who learn PMTS technique apply these movements early in the turn, but do not continue or increase them through the finish of the turn. This video shows you how to increase your flexing and tipping through the finish of each turn in order to tighten the radius of your turns.

Presenter: Diana Rogers. 22 minutes, High Def 720p, 877 MB, Copyright 2020


*Shortening the inside leg and increasing the tipping of the inside foot through the lower half of turns – stationary, sliding in curves, in linked turns

*Matching this flexing and tipping of the uphill (inside) leg and foot with the downhill (outside) leg and foot.

*Combining counteracting and counterbalancing to maintain edge grip and balance as the feet and legs tighten the turn


Tightening the radius of your turns results in...

*Speed control

*Linking turns in a narrow corridor

*Making short-radius turns

*An easier edge change and start to the following turn

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already...
*Link turns on easy terrain
*Keep your skis parallel most of the time
*Know how to lighten the inside foot and tip it toward its outside edge for each turn (the "Phantom Move"). You can learn this in the videos Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1 or Eliminate the Wedge 1 - Engage
*Know how to transfer balance to the little-toe edge of the uphill ski (the "Super Phantom" move). You can learn this in the video Eliminate the Wedge 3 - Super Phantom

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