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Learn to assess on-snow alignment with our latest eVideo

We have a new eVideo... Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment

Why are we at Harb Ski Systems such proponents of skier alignment, for everyone from occasional novices to World Cup athletes? Skier alignment is not just an image or a different "look" - it has an enormous influence on how our skis behave on snow. Someone who is bowlegged struggles to make the skis roll on edge and curve, while someone who is knock-kneed struggles to make the edges engage. Many people are asymmetrical and have more difficulty turning in one direction than the other. Optimal alignment means that you will use less effort to get your skis to do what you want.

This new eVideo helps you learn to recognize knock-kneed, bowlegged, and optimal alignment on-snow. Whether you are curious about your own skiing, or that of your ski students or race athletes, this video will show you the maneuvers we use to assess alignment and will help you learn to recognize the indicators of alignment in those maneuvers and in linked turns.


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