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Harald's "mid-body" videos are now available!

Harald has two new eVideos to help you improve how you use your torso in skiing. Click here to read more details in his blog post...

The two videos are...

1. The Pelvis in Counterbalance

In skiing, we have to support our torso on top of our legs as we curve back and forth on edge in our turns. Knowing how to arrange the pelvis on top of the stance leg is critical for best edge grip, best balance, and stability in varying terrain. This video shows you, on-snow and with indoor training, how to CB and CA at the level of the pelvis for your best skiing performance.

2. Dryland for Counterbalance

This video shows an easy, in-home training program that will strengthen your core, develop your flexibility, and develop the movement awareness that you need to properly move your torso in your skiing.



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