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New eVideos: Teaching first-time skiers with Direct Parallel technique

We have a new series of three eVideos that show how to teach a first-time skier using PMTS Direct Parallel technique... Direct Parallel 1, 2, and 3.

Many skiers and instructors can envision how to introduce PMTS movements to someone who already skis. However, for the majority of skiers and instructors who learned and teach the snowplow, it's very hard to imagine how to teach a first-time skier without it. This series of three eVideos will help you learn all the activities to perform, what to emphasize, the tactics for speed control, and the terrain you need in order to help the skier succeed and develop confidence.

This series of eVideos is suited to several audiences...

  • Instructors who want to teach PMTS Direct Parallel to their first time skiers
  • People who want to teach their children, friends, or family members
  • People who are planning to learn to ski at a PMTS ski school, who want to get a head start on what they will be learning

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