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Essentials 2 Complete Upper Body DVD

by Harb Ski Systems
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In skiing, what you do with your upper body can either help or hinder your tipping and your balance on your edges. Learn in this video how to balance over your skis and use your upper body to enhance your tipping. Also, learn how to use your poles so that your pole swing and touch help with your balance, edging, and timing.

Presenter: Harald Harb, 38 minutes, Standard Def, Copyright 2008

*Isolate the movements of counterbalancing and counteracting – what they are, how to practice them
*How to achieve the appearance of a quiet torso, and facing downhill all the time
* How to hold and plant your poles to support your counterbalancing and counteracting

Coordinating your torso with your feet results in...
*Higher edge angles in linked turns
*Increased edge grip in your linked turns
*Smoother and easier connection between turns
*Better balance over your skis

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already...
*Link turns on easy terrain
*Have your skis parallel for at least part of each turn
*Be able to traverse across the slope on your downhill ski and lift the uphill ski off the snow
*Have watched and practiced the Tipping, Counterbalancing, and Counteracting portions of the Essentials Indoor Introduction eVideo
*Have watched the video Essentials 1 Tipping and have practiced those activities on snow

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*Harald Harb's Essentials of Skiing (book) helps you understand the Essentials – the component movements of effective skiing – where each Essential fits into linked turns, and how the Essentials work together for optimal skiing.
*Essentials Indoor Introduction (eVideo) presents the Essentials – the component movements of effective skiing – at their simplest, and helps you learn and practice them. Practicing these movements indoors, in front of a mirror or camera, gives you instant feedback for quicker progress once you start to practice on snow.
*Essentials 1 Tipping (DVD) teaches you how to use your feet to roll your skis on and off edge, which is the foundation for all of the Essentials
*Essentials 3 Flexing and Fore/Aft Balance (DVD) teaches you how to flex the legs to make your tipping easier, both in and between turns, and teaches you how to move your feet and legs in order to keep your balance more forward on your skis.


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