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Expert Skier 2 Paperback Book

by Harb Ski Systems
Price $ 23.95

The follow-up to Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1, this 2nd book is your solution to skiing beyond the groomed runs. Using PMTS Direct Parallel® , you'll learn how to make solid short-radius turns, how to handle bumps and powder, and how to carve deep trenches.

ISBN-13 978-0-9661282-7-7
2nd Edition © 2013, Original © 2001
198 pp, 8"x9"
b&w photos (many)

*Develop one-footed balance, and balance on big- and little-toe edges
*Vary where you keep your balance through release - Super Phantom and Weighted Releases
*Manage the free foot to improve lateral and fore/aft balance
*Coordinate your upper body with your feet and legs
*Develop a pole plant that will support upper-body coordination
*Technique and tactics for ungroomed conditions

*Simple, effective movements can be used in all conditions to ski with confidence and control
*Short-radius turns with edge engagement are necessary for steep, narrow slopes and for moguls
*Free foot management makes the skis behave in unison in ungroomed snow
*Versatility in balance is necessary for variable conditions

In order to get the most benefit from this book, you should already...
*Have read the book Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1
*Have watched and practiced the activities in Expert Skier 1 eVideo, or in the eVideos Eliminate the Wedge 1 and Eliminate the Wedge 2

Related books & videos
*Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 2 (eVideo). The Expert Skier 2 video follows the book closely. You'll watch how to perform and practice the exercises in the book.
*Eliminate the Wedge 3 Super Phantom (eVideo). Learning to transfer balance onto the little-toe edge of the new stance ski is a key to keeping your skis parallel in quicker turns or more difficult conditions. Using the movements you learn and practice in videos 1 & 2, you'll practice the transfer of balance that is the springboard to short turns, moguls, and ungroomed conditions.
*Brushed Turns (eVideo). Once you learn the edge control, the balance on the stance ski, and the dominance of free foot tipping from this video, you'll have much better control of your speed in a variety of conditions and turns.
*Short, Quick Turns (eVideo). A detailed, step-by-step approach to making quick short-radius turns. Using the right fundamentals, you'll build a short-radius, parallel turn that will take you where you want to go on the mountain.

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