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Direct Parallel 1 eVideo

by Harb Ski Systems
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The Direct Parallel eVideo series shows how to teach a first-time skier using PMTS Direct Parallel technique. All the Direct Parallel videos are dual-purpose, suitable for teaching yourself or others.
In this first video of the three-part series, you'll practice in your boots (no skis yet) the movements of our technique, and the activities that you will perform later in the lesson with your skis on. This is the preparation for releasing, engaging, and turning using PMTS Direct Parallel movements.

Presenter: Diana Rogers, 25 minutes, 1 GB, Hi-Def, Copyright 2017

In ski boots...
*Practicing the primary movements
*Learning balance and transfer of balance
*Sidestepping on flat terrain
*Fan-stepping on flat terrain
*Walking the S-line to learn the relationship between movements and turns
*Sidestepping up and down hill

*Learn the movements and activities of PMTS Direct Parallel skiing before wearing skis

In order to get the most benefit from this video, you should already (at a minimum)...
*Have ski boots and ski poles (both that fit properly)
*For outdoor practice, have a flat area with packed snow
*For indoor practice, have a carpeted room and a slant board (click here for how to build)
*If you are teaching yourself, it's very handy to have a mirror (for indoor practice) or a friend who's willing to video you (for outdoor practice)

Related books & videos
*PMTS Direct Parallel Instructor Manual (book). If you like to read about technique or want to know more about the background of PMTS Direct Parallel, the Instructor Manual explains what we teach and provides a written path to follow as you learn PMTS technique.
*Direct Parallel 2 (eVideo) picks up where this video ends. You'll practice all the same activities from video 1 on flat terrain, learn to glide, and make your first linked turns and come to a stop using Direct Parallel movements.
*Direct Parallel 3 (eVideo) takes you from the end of video 2 and shows you how to approach the fall line safely and progressively until you can link turn going downhill on very gentle terrain.


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