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Customer feedback for Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment eVideo

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We recently received wonderful feedback for our "Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment" eVideo. It's exactly what we are hoping to achieve with the eVideos... to make our information available to skiers, instructors, and coaches around the world so that they can improve their technique, improve their coaching and instruction, and have a better time on the slopes.

Hi Harald,

I’d like to commend both you and Diana on another excellent production with the newly released
Alignment – On Snow Assessment Video. This new video, combined with the Alignment Technician Course Manual is an impressive body of work, and the only one like it in the industry. The very detailed, clear, concise visual cues you have linked to diagnosable alignment issues based on experience across thousands of skiers is the only example that is this thorough and complete that exists—certainly the only one that is so easy to obtain and access. The video should be required viewing for any serious race coach or instructor—along with Essentials and the Alignment Manual.

As you know, I’ve been studying PMTS for over ten years. During that time I have coached college racers, adult racers, been part of a ski school and still pick up the occasional junior racer or expert skier as a student in order to help them rebuild their skiing with solid fundamentals. I am however, primarily a weekend skier—with my day job being in banking strategy. Despite limited snow time over the past ten years my understanding of skiing and boot setup, and thus my coaching ability, have reached very high levels thanks largely to the body of work that you and Diana have created. With that, my skiing has reached an extremely high level, and it keeps getting better.


Best, Greg


Greg, we really appreciate your feedback. We are pleased that we continue to provide books and videos that help you improve as a coach and skier!



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