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Our ski shop is on summer hours

As of Wednesday, April 25, we are on summer hours... by appointment only. Please contact us to set up an appointment time, whether for boot fitting, footbeds, alignment, etc. We can usually accommodate you within a few days.  - Read More

Customer feedback for Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment eVideo

Welcome to all site visitors! We recently received wonderful feedback for our "Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment" eVideo. It's exactly what we are hoping to achieve with the eVideos... to make our information available to skiers, instructors, and coaches around the world so that they can improve their technique, improve their coaching and instruction, and have a better time on the slopes. Hi Harald, I’d like to commend both you and Diana on another excellent production with the newly released Alignment – On Snow Assessment Video. This new video, combined with the Alignment Technician Course Manual is an impressive body of work,..  - Read More

Ski shop opens for regular winter hours!

Friday, Oct. 20 is the start of our winter shop schedule. We are open Friday through Tuesday, 1-6 PM. We are closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Contact us if you'd like to make an appointment for bootfitting or alignment!  - Read More

New eVideos: Teaching first-time skiers with Direct Parallel technique

We have a new series of three eVideos that show how to teach a first-time skier using PMTS Direct Parallel technique... Direct Parallel 1, 2, and 3. Many skiers and instructors can envision how to introduce PMTS movements to someone who already skis. However, for the majority of skiers and instructors who learned and teach the snowplow, it's very hard to imagine how to teach a first-time skier without it. This series of three eVideos will help you learn all the activities to perform, what to emphasize, the tactics for speed control, and the terrain you need in order to..  - Read More

Learn to assess on-snow alignment with our latest eVideo

We have a new eVideo... Alignment ~ On-snow Assessment Why are we at Harb Ski Systems such proponents of skier alignment, for everyone from occasional novices to World Cup athletes? Skier alignment is not just an image or a different "look" - it has an enormous influence on how our skis behave on snow. Someone who is bowlegged struggles to make the skis roll on edge and curve, while someone who is knock-kneed struggles to make the edges engage. Many people are asymmetrical and have more difficulty turning in one direction than the other. Optimal alignment means that you will..  - Read More

Harald's "mid-body" videos are now available!

Harald has two new eVideos to help you improve how you use your torso in skiing. Click here to read more details in his blog post... The two videos are... 1. The Pelvis in Counterbalance OverviewIn skiing, we have to support our torso on top of our legs as we curve back and forth on edge in our turns. Knowing how to arrange the pelvis on top of the stance leg is critical for best edge grip, best balance, and stability in varying terrain. This video shows you, on-snow and with indoor training, how to CB and CA at the..  - Read More

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